Our responsibility


As a fashion brand offering six collections a year, we are fully aware of our responsibilities when it comes to sustainability.

The huge impact the fashion industry leaves behind has made sustainability become one of our most important aspects within our strategy – in all we do, from the first drawing lines of design, to final product.

We want to do a difference with our activities within our global society. We recognize that we have a responsibility for reducing our emission of carbon footprint – we all have an obligation to do better and to aim to be sustainable everywhere we can.

With every collection we design, sell and produce we try to minimize our use and waste.

We always try to think in sustainable ways to optimize our products.


FSC® certification
All our hangtags are FSC certified cardboard.

Recycled polybags
All our products are delivered in recycled polybags. Cardboard and paper must come from a sustainable source.

ECOVERO™ certification
Whenever possible we make our own prints on LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose. LENZING™ Viscose is a better option to normal viscose, with raw materials coming from certified, controlled and transparent sources - saving up to 50% less water and energy.

Recycled Polyester
When using polyester we strive to make it recycled, in order to reduce use of water, energy and CO2 emission. Our recycle polyester qualities are mainly made from plastic bottles.

OEKO-TEX® certification
Our denim styles are made from OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics.


We only work with few suppliers whom we have know for a very long time and to whom we have build up personal relations. Transparency is a must when it comes to CSR and suppliers who join us and place sustainability within their business agenda, and who are open, honest and willing to work with us in partnership of these issues, are those we wish to develop relationships with into the future.

Our main obligaton for our consumers and essentially the employees manufacturing our products is to assure the working conditions in the factories we partner with, are descent and to leace as small environmental impact on our planet as possible.



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